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Ah, hello there, I was wondering, the House Blend teas, are they in the little pouches that you steep or are they leaves you have to put in a tea strainer? I've never ordered teas online nor used a strainer so I'm a little clueless. My apologies for being a bother xD;;

Hello there!

You’re not a bother at all. :D The House Blends are all loose leaf teas (as are all blended teas on Adagio, I think), so you’d need to put them in a strainer or infuser. :) (I personally only have infusers, a fabulous teapot and paper filters for those tees that aren’t big enough for the infuser. Coffee filters will do in times of great need, but I find that I need to let it steep a bit longer when I use those. It’s probably just a personal preference, though.)

A good rule for loose tea is one teaspoon of tea makes one cup and you can go from there and fiddle around with that if you need the flavour to be stronger.

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to ask, anon. ♥

(Also. From the feedback we got so far, the tastiest of our teas are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, whereas Slytherin should not be your first try, apparently. We’re fiddling with that one.)

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